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From Charles Reitzel <creit...@rcn.com>
Subject Patch for unix/poll.c (!HAVE_POLL)
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2002 17:30:19 GMT
On Win2K, I was having a consistent problem with ab in the last N 
iterations with concurrency N.  For example, running "ab -n 20 -c 10 
http://example.com/foo" would consistently cause a poll error out after 13 
or 15 requests.  The message (errno == 9) was that poll was passed 
something that is not a socket.

Anyway, I tracked down the problem to the post-select handling.  It doesn't 
quite match the pre-select handling.  The attached patch makes it so.  This 
patch is not platform-specific, but obviously only affects platforms w/out 

take it easy,

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