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From jean-frederic clere <jfrederic.cl...@fujitsu-siemens.com>
Subject APR libtool problems (Solaris)
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 11:58:17 GMT

I have a gcc configured to use a native ld.
I am making in httpd-2.0:
LD=gnuld \
CC=gcc \
. configure

The configure of the APR detects the ld used by gcc (native ld) but accepts my 
choice: gnu ld and configure libtool for gnu ld.
The problem is that gcc calls the native ld and not the gnuld and the build of 
Apache failed.

The gcc faq tells:
GCC searches the PATH for an assembler and a loader, but it only does so after 
searching a directory list hard-coded in the GCC executables.

So the user choice is only valid if the ld return by 'gcc -print-prog-name=ld' 
is not valid (not installed for example).

Any comments?



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