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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@webweaving.org>
Subject APR-PMC Chair - Candiates for chair
Date Sun, 29 Sep 2002 23:25:46 GMT

Nominees for chair of the APR pmc:

    Sander Striker <striker@apache.org>

        It almost goes without saying, but it still has to be said:
        Thanks Ryan!  For all your efforts on APR, be it in code,
        design, guidance, discussions and naming schemes ;).  It's
        kind of sad to see you take a big step back from APR...

        As for the nomination, I would gladly accept the responsibilities
        the job brings.  The second two paragraphs Bill Wrowe has
        written below don't differ from my views, so I won't repeat
        them in other words.

        I've already given my views on list on where I would like APR
        to _as a developer_.  That is something I won't repeat here
        either since it isn't important for the role of Chairman.

    Bill Rowe <wrowe@apache.org>

        I thank the Chair for his many years of hard labor^M^M^M^M^M
        efforts in moving forward the APR project as it's own distinct
        entity, apart from the HTTP Project.  By David's and Aaron's
        request, I'm more than happy to step up and represent the APR
        project before the ASF Board of Directors for the next year.

        I strongly disagree with the thought that the policy or code
        should ever be dictated from the Chair.  The Chairman's role,
        IMHO, is twofold;  to be the voice of the APR project in whole
        to the rest of the ASF and outside world as an evangelist.
        And to help guide or focus difficult debates when there are
        several opposing but well considered ideas in the developer's
        community.  A side role [that we all step up to assume] is to
        suggest new committers and PMC members, and invite them into
        our development community.

        It is never the chair's role to decree what fits or does not
        fit into APR.  The Chairman's comments on the dev@ list are
        simply yet-another-contributor's comments, and should never
        be misread as policy dictums.  The Chairman's comments to
        the pmc@ list are always from the Chair, and so they must
        remain fair, neutral, and unbiased.

    Cliff Woolley <jwoolley@apache.org>

        I join my colleagues in expressing my thanks to the outgoing
        Chair.  Thanks for all your work, Ryan!

        I'll simply add a bit about what I think are important
        responsibilities of the Chair (hope this isn't too redundant).
        It is the duty of the PMC as a group to ensure the positive
        progress of the project and to decide what directions that
        progress should take.  The PMC Chair is simply one among many,
        but one who takes particular interest in seeing that the PMC
        performs its job fluidly.  By that I mean the Chair acts as a
        mediator (not an arbitrator) on the rare occasion that
        the group falls into otherwise irreconcilable disagreements
        (as Bill mentioned).  Additionally, the Chair keeps a
        watchful eye on the project to ensure that nothing slips
        below the radar of the PMC and goes undone or forgotten.
        Overall, it would seem that the Chair is doing his job if
        nobody notices that there is a Chair.  :)

Those eligble to vote will find these people back on the ballot form. You
can select only one (1).


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