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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@webweaving.org>
Subject APR-Chair; Call for nominations
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 10:55:44 GMT

Call for nominations for the Chair of the APR PMC.

The voting volunteers are ready to receive your nominations :-) Note that
the cutoff date is 2002-9-22.

You can either nominate yourself or you can nominate someone else.

What counts is that the confirmation from the nominee him/herself is
received by the voting volunteers.

So if you are nominated - you will need to confirm that explictly.

Nominations are made by posting to dev@apr.apache.org and Cc:
apr-vote@apache.org. Ideally it should include a short note on the

Regardless of whether you nominate yourself, or whether you are nominated
by someone else; the nominee MUST post a message to dev@apr.apache.org and
Cc: apr-vote@apache.org to accept his candidature, a short description of
who he or she is are and what you want to accomplish in the next period.

This description is also used in the ballot form.

Note that PMC Seats are open to anyone. Regardless as to whether you are a
committer, lurker or coder. And you can even nominate complete outsiders
(assuming he or she would consent of course). You need to be elected of

Note that the the volunteers handling the vote cannot be nominated.

The acceptance note of the nominee should include the email address of the
nominee - and it really should be a valid one.

If there are 1 or less nominees the elections are cancelled.

We'll announce the final recognised nominee list on 2002-9-23. You then
have 24 hours to nitpick or appeal - before the ballot forms are send out.

Have fun !


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