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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@webweaving.org>
Subject APR PMC Chair - *draft* voter roster
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 10:56:09 GMT

The following people currently have commit access on one or more apr-*
repositories and/or belong to the unix group apr on cvs.apache.org.

It is there fore assumed that they are as committers entitled to vote.

Please verify this list for us; and let us know.

->	Anyone who should be on here but is not.
->	Anyone who should NOT be on here, but is.
->	Any spelling mistakes or other errors.

Also - make sure that the email address below is valid and functional.
You'll need it for the vote.

Your Friendly Voting Volunteers,

Eric, Lars and Dirk.

Email			Name
aaron@apache.org	Aaron Bannert
ake@apache.org		Allan Edwards
keith@apache.org	Keith Wannamaker
akempf@apache.org	Andreas V. Kempf
kstaken@apache.org	Kimbro Staken
barries@apache.org	Barrie Slaymaker
nicolaken@apache.org	Nicola Ken Barozzi
ben@apache.org		Ben Laurie
gbenson@apache.org	Gary Benson
bjh@apache.org		Brian Havard
bnicholes@apache.org	Brad Nicholes
brian@apache.org	Brian Behlendorf
ix@apache.org		brian moseley
briangoetz@apache.org	Brian Goetz
brianp@apache.org	Brian Pane
brianp@apache.org	Brian Pane
chuck@apache.org	Chuck Murcko
cmpilato@apache.org	Mike Pilato
coar@apache.org		Ken Coar
dgaudet@apache.org	Dean Gaudet
dirkx@apache.org	Dirk-Willem van Gulik
dougm@apache.org	Doug MacEachern
dreid@apache.org	David Reid
fanf@apache.org		Tony Finch
fielding@apache.org	Roy Fielding
fitz@apache.org		B. W. Fitzpatrick
ghudson@apache.org	Greg Hudson
gregames@apache.org	Greg Ames
gstein@apache.org	Greg Stein
ianh@apache.org		Ian Holsman
jerenkrantz@apache.org	Justin Erenkrantz
jfclere@apache.org	jean-frederic clere
jim@apache.org		Jim Jagielski
jimw@apache.org		Jim Winstead
jimb@apache.org		Jim Blandy
jimb@apache.org		Jim Blandy
jwoolley@apache.org	Cliff Woolley
kfogel@apache.org	Karl Fogel
martin@apache.org	Martin Kraemer
martinf@apache.org	Martin Frydl
lmartin@apache.org	Lisa Martin
jmartin@apache.org	Jeff Martin
mpoeschl@apache.org	martin poeschl
martinc@apache.org	Martin Cooper
minfrin@apache.org	Graham Leggett
orlikowski@apache.org	Victor J. Orlikowski
randy@apache.org	Randy Terbush
randyk@apache.org	Randy Kobes
rbb@apache.org		Ryan Bloom
rse@apache.org		Ralf S. Engelschall,Germany
sascha@apache.org	Sascha Schumann
stoddard@apache.org	Bill Stoddard
striker@apache.org	Sander Striker
sussman@apache.org	Ben Collins-Sussman
thommay@apache.org	Thom May
trawick@apache.org	Jeff Trawick
wrowe@apache.org	William A. Rowe Jr.
wsanchez@apache.org	Wilfredo Sanchez
brane@apache.org	Branko <FIX ME>

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