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From Jon Travis <jtra...@covalent.net>
Subject E-Kabong resolution: Re: acceptance of El-Kabong into APR
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 20:55:35 GMT

I cc'd the dev@ lists, since the original proposition was made there,
and the public following the discussion should know the resolution.

My comments at the end.

On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 07:45:21PM +0000, Jeff Trawick wrote:
> Hi Jon,
> As you well know, it has taken a while to reach a conclusion on the
> donation of the El-Kabong codebase.  Even after determining that it
> was a contribution worthy of a home in the ASF, it was hard to
> determine where exactly it should be placed.  Eventually, the majority
> of the APR Project Management Committee (PMC) voted for it to be 
> placed in apr-util/html.
> Another major concern was with granting you commit privileges to the
> code once it was transferred to an ASF CVS repository.  Unfortunately,
> we do not feel comfortable with granting you commit privileges at the
> present time.  We are happy for you to submit patches and we will make
> a special effort to handle them in an expeditious manner.  We hope
> that we will eventually be able to grant you commit privileges, but
> before that happens we need a stronger indication of your respect for
> the community and its processes.  Concerns were expressed about your
> ultimatum for accepting El-Kabong within a certain timeframe.  We feel 
> that any time required initially for considering the donation and where 
> to place it were important for its long-term success as part of the ASF,
> and that your ultimatum was another indication of a lack of respect or 
> understanding for the community.  We need to have a more constructive 
> relationship with you over a period of time before we can grant you 
> commit access.
> While we believe that the El-Kabong codebase is a valuable contribution 
> that we would like to pick up, we also recognize the possibility that 
> you may have a decreased incentive to work on it further if you are
> initially denied commit access to the repository when it moves to the 
> ASF.  If this is the case, we understand that it may be best for the 
> codebase to live elsewhere if it would be harmed by a lack of 
> contributions from its original author, and we look to you for further 
> guidance on this issue.
> Respectfully,
> the APR PMC
> ---
> Jeff Trawick | trawick@attglobal.net

I've decided to host the project elsewhere.  It would be extremely 
frustrating to require you, the ASF, to review code I'm patching
to code I initially wrote, given that I know that code better than
anyone.  Moreover, I would have no review privileges for code being
committed to e-k, which seems like very irresponsible code management.  

As originally stated, I would be the initial maintainer of the code. 
Since this is not the case, it seems that the ASF has accepted part
of the deal, and discarded the rest.

I'd ask that you not include e-k, since we haven't come to a satisfactory 

-- Jon

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