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From Kean Johnston <...@caldera.com>
Subject [PATCH] Small patches for SCO OpenServer Release 5
Date Sun, 22 Sep 2002 17:18:06 GMT

Please consider the follow patch I needed to make to get APR working
on SCO OpenServer Release 5. Briefly, here is what I needed to change:

a) Since you're using config.guess and config.sub, the hints file was
   wrong as it was still using the (I am guessing) older APR names
   for this OS.
b) In file_io/unix/filestat.c, only use S_ISSOCK if it is defined.
c) In configure.in give libc the chance to resolve dlopen before trying
   other support libraries, to avoid pulling in possibly un-needed
   shared libraries.
d) In configure.in, allow for the fact that some people's pid_t is a


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