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From Brian Pane <bri...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [PATCH] pollacc.c poll.c
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 03:33:25 GMT
Rob Saccoccio wrote:

>>I like the concept, but...
>>>+        else if (aprset[i].desc_type == APR_NO_DESC) {
>>>+            pollset[i].fd = -1;
>>>+            continue;
>>I'm not sure if it's safe to have an fd of -1 in the pollset.
>I don't know if its portable but its the right approach on Solaris:
>     If the value fd is less than zero,  events  is  ignored  and
>     revents is set to 0 in that entry on return from  poll().

It doesn't appear to be portable.  On Linux, for example,

            EBADF  An invalid file descriptor was given in one of the

>>Alternatively, we could compact the aprset array in
>>apr_poll_socket_remove().  This can be done in O(1)
>You can't do that because you don't own the apr_pollfd_t array, management
>of the array is (now) the caller's responsiblity.  apr_poll_socket_remove()
>and kin are deprecated.

I disagree; the whole point of apr_poll_socket_remove() is
to modify the array.  We can't avoid modifying the array--
if we did, the API would no longer be compatible with old
code.  We've only deprecated the API, not removed it, so
it still has to work as advertised.  Similarly, the
apr_poll_socket_add() function still has to add a descriptor
to the array.  These functions can't reallocate the array,
of course, but they definitely have a legitimate need to
modify its contents.


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