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From "B. W. Fitzpatrick" <f...@apple.com>
Subject Re: [RANT] our test suite sucks
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2002 22:46:13 GMT

On Fri, 5 Jul 2002, Ryan Bloom wrote:

> The original intent for the test suite was that somebody could run the APR
> test suite on their implementation of APR, and be sure that they are 100%
> compatible.  The current test suite doesn't even come close to
> implementing that.  In fact, most of the tests don't even give useful
> information about whether a feature is working as it is supposed to.  I am
> trying to test my new poll implementation, but I am spending more time
> interpreting the test rsults than actually fixing the code.
> In the next few weeks, I will be creating a real test suite for APR.  It
> will be either Perl or Python based, and all tests will be required to
> report success or failure only in the default mode.  If more information
> is required, that will be done through a verbose mode, much like the perl
> test suite for httpd.

You might want to consider check, a unit test framework for C. It was
super simple to setup, and adding tests is really a snap:


-Fitz, hoping he's not starting a test suite flame war

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