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From "James Cox" <ima...@php.net>
Subject RE: cvs commit: apr STATUS
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 08:41:12 GMT

> It isn't supposed to be funny.  I want to know why APR folks seem to think
> that other applications of APR are as important, or even remotely as
> important, as the performance of httpd.  I want to know because all of the
> that have been made in the name of other application's "needs" have turned
> out to be costly mistakes that we've had to revisit later, only  to find
> that the other applications would have performed better anyway if we had
> simply focused on what we KNOW is needed instead of inventing a whole new
> can of worms.

APR is called the Apache Portable Runtime. it's not called the Apache Httpd
Portable Runtime. However, if i understand the argument correctly, this
debate centers around depth of precision of this function. (and i may have
this completely backwards, apologies if i do).

If this is the case, why not provide both: have an apr_utime_t and
apr_time_t. One for precise time calculations (usecs) and then one for less
precise but faster calculations.

 my 2 proverbials.

 -- James

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