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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Fwd: RE: [PATCH] 64bit compiler issues
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 15:42:32 GMT
Thought these links might be of interest to the apr list too...

[but I got the original cc wrong]

>At 07:23 PM 7/15/2002, Ryan Bloom wrote:
>>We could force the size, by using apr_int32_t.  The problem that he is
>>having, is that pointers on _most_ 64-bit machines (Windows is a notable
>>exception, there may be others), are 64-bits long.  But we are using
>>int's, which are 32-bits for the pointers.  We have the added problem
>>that throughout the code, we pass in integers for void *'s.   :-(
>Transposed that statement ;-/
>Pointers on Win64 are 64 bits long, just like you expected.
>Both int and long remain 32 bits long, unlike what you might expect
>(and certainly different from Unix.)
>The biggest difference is the long value.  Since Windows is a P64
>OS, rather than the Linux PL64 (both pointers and longs of 64 bits)
>long becomes a rather dangerous type if you are assuming that
>it's interchangeable with a pointer.
>When we mean a void*, we need to spell out void*.  If we need to
>pass it through an integer, prove it, and we will consider an
>apr_intptr_t type, that could be nothing more complicated than
>a union of the appropriate int type and void* for a given platform.

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