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From Brian Pane <bri...@apache.org>
Subject Re: more notes on the apr_time_t issue
Date Sun, 14 Jul 2002 18:36:03 GMT
Ryan Bloom wrote:

>My biggest problem is that this is just getting more and more complex,
>and the conversation is almost impossible to follow.  To the best of my
>knowledge (from trying to follow the conversation), at this point, we
>are talking about:
>Apr_busec_time_t and apr_busec_span_t
>So, simple question:  What is a busec?  I obviously know the answer, it
>is a binary usec.  How many of APR users do you honestly expect to look
>at busec and think that?

As wrowe noted in one of the other recent messages on this thread,
option 2 looks like the leading contender based on the votes in
STATUS (unless there's a significant change in the votes soon).
That would give us names like apr_utime_t and apr_uspan_t.

>Now, we are also talking about having macros to convert to and from
>decimal time values.  So, that would essentially be:

Fortunately, none of the proposals in STATUS have a decimal time
component.  It's something that's been discussed on the list, but
it doesn't affect the proposals or votes.


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