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From Brian Pane <bri...@apache.org>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apr STATUS
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 22:45:17 GMT
Ryan Bloom wrote:

>>Bumping the MMN works for things like Apache, but not for flood,
>>subversion, or any of the countless other APR-based apps that have
>>sprung up lately.
>>I'll agree that changing the typename doesn't solve the problem of
>>mismatched binary compatibility, but it does make it obvious to the app
>>author where the interface has changed. The renaming simply gives us
>>compile-time type-checking.
>>Maybe APR needs to have its own magic number. Is there a way to
>>make a version check mandatory, or are we stuck with a voluntary
>Versioning has been on the todo list for a long time now.  Perhaps the
>apr_time_t change is a good enough reason to add it ASAP.  Then, we can
>do the versioning and the apr_time_t change at the same time, and this
>problem is solved completely.

That would be an almost ideal solution:
  * Keep the apr_time_t name to eliminate the number of code changes 
  * Add versioning to prevent a run-time mismatch of new lib and old app

We'd still have the problem of compile-time mismatches: e.g., old
code that does "time / 1000000".  But based on my recent experience
in adding the new time macros in the httpd code, such constructs appear
to be so rare that I'm willing to solve the problem with documentation
rather than code.


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