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From Thom May <t...@planetarytramp.net>
Subject Re: Hehe, sure is a lot of code now
Date Sat, 20 Jul 2002 23:28:42 GMT
* Tim Bray (tbray@textuality.com) wrote :
> configure.  Mind you, the box *runs* 2.0.39 just fine.  Snicker.  I 
> wonder if I now have the record for the oldest/slowest computer ever to 
> build apache2. -Tim

Not even close, sorry :)
I have it built (although not running all the time) on a motorola
68030(running Debian linux)...
Now, that takes a while - call it 8 hours, the last time I tried.
-Thom, daring someone to dig out an atari st and build it on that. 

Thom May -> thom@planetarytramp.net

* edward just installed gbuffy
<edward> (mail notifier)
<infinity> Dang.
<infinity> How disappointing.
<Hydroxide> not the GNU Vampire Slayer?
<infinity> I was hoping for some sort of Sarah Michelle Gellar
thing. :)
<thom> infinity: you wanted a vampire slayer on your desktop?
<Hydroxide> (female version of gblade I guess)
<joeyh> shouldn't gbuffy deal with zombie processes or something?
<Hydroxide> ok joey you beat us all :P

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