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From Karl Fogel <kfo...@newton.ch.collab.net>
Subject SVN ppl may want to backdate apr and httpd to 2002-07-10
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 04:27:30 GMT
There have been a lot of changes to APR's poll code lately; it looks
like some of them cause httpd-2.0 to freeze up while processing a
request.  Using the latest httpd-2.0, I was unable to check out a tree
from a repository -- after my client sent the request, no response
came back.  The server was caught in some polling function (apologies,
I must have unthinkingly killed the buffer that held the backtrace,
and don't have time to recreate it right now.  This was a Debian
GNU/Linux kernel 2.5.7 x86 system, if anyone wants to try).

So, Subversion developers, if you are testing stuff over DAV, you
should backdate your httpd-2.0, apr, and apr-util trees to 2002-07-10,
which was right before a slew of poll changes went in.  This example
assumes you're using separate, in-tree copies of apr and apr-util:

   $ cd httpd-2.0
   $ cvs update -D"2002-07-10"
   $ cd srclib/apr
   $ cvs update -D"2002-07-10"
   $ cd ../apr-util
   $ cvs update -D"2002-07-10"
   $ cd .../wherever/subversion_wc/apr
   $ cvs update -D"2002-07-10"
   $ cd ../apr_util
   $ cvs update -D"2002-07-10"

You don't have to backdate Subversion itself.

(Yeah, technically you probably don't need to do apr-util either, but
I did and it works, so that's what I'm recommending :-). )

With this, ra_dav operations should work.

Mucho thanks to Greg Stein for the recommendation to backdate past the
poll changes.


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