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From Karl Fogel <kfo...@newton.ch.collab.net>
Subject bogus compiler warnings in macros that take `socket'
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 02:12:07 GMT
When compiling Subversion, GCC now gives this warning whenever
apr_network_io.h is included:

   /usr/local/apache2/include/apr_network_io.h:718: warning: \
      declaration of `socket' shadows global declaration

The warnings result from these macros:


...which *look* like they're taking a parameter named `socket' and
(GCC presumes) using it as a variable within the macro expansion.  Of
course, we all know that's not what's happening -- instead, the macro
expands to a declaration that has "socket" as a substring in its name.

So it would be fair to call this a compiler bug, in that GCC is giving
overeager warnings.

Unfortunately, fixing this in GCC might be a lot of work; possibly a
*real lot*, depending on the amount of automated analysis required and
when/where it needs to happen.

Maybe we could just change APR?  I don't have a specific solution to
propose, as I haven't really looked at what-all the inherit_set/unset
stuff is doing; maybe someone who knows better could say what our
options are?

The warnings are a big problem; they cause us to miss real warnings
from our code, because we're getting used to skipping over these bogus


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