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From "Ryan Bloom" <...@covalent.net>
Subject New Test Suite
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 14:05:58 GMT

Okay,  I have looked at two different test suite options.

1)  Check   --  GPL licensed.  Doesn't work on Windows.

2)  CuTest  --  Zlib license.  Doesn't currently work on Unix, but I
have patches already.  I'll be submitting them later today.

CuTest is two files, one .c and one .h, so it is very small and it
should be able to do the job.  Plus, we can continue to improve it if we
have to.  The maintainer is currently using CuTest for his job, so it is
still under active maintenance.  (There is one bug that I have found, it
is a difference in the way that Windows and Unix treat vsnprintf and
strlen.  I am looking into fixing it).

Check is a lot more than two files, and the port to Windows could be
kind of tough.  The problem is that it requires fork() for a lot of what
it does, and although I haven't looked at the code in great depth, the
parts I have looked at just look very Unix based.  It is under active
maintenance, but very slowly (According to the original author).

My personal preference is to avoid the GPL all together and go with the
simple CuTest suite.  Any thoughts?


Ryan Bloom                  rbb@covalent.net
645 Howard St.              rbb@apache.org
San Francisco, CA 

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