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From Jeff Trawick <traw...@attglobal.net>
Subject Re: apr_private.h not being built properly on daedalus (freebsd 4.6) today
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 14:38:57 GMT
"Sander Striker" <striker@apache.org> writes:

> > *slight complication...  during this sed trauma, autoconf 2.53 became
> > the default autoconf on daedalus, and it doesn't get along well with
> > APR;
> Is that *BSD specific?  ac2.53 works fine for me on linux with APR.


The first fun comes during buildconf processing:

$ ./buildconf
buildconf: checking installation...
buildconf: autoconf version 2.53 (ok)
buildconf: libtool version 1.3.4 (ok)
Copying libtool helper files ...
Creating include/arch/unix/apr_private.h.in ...
WARNING: Using auxiliary files such as `acconfig.h', `config.h.bot'
WARNING: and `config.h.top', to define templates for `config.h.in'
WARNING: is deprecated and discouraged.
WARNING: Using the third argument of `AC_DEFINE' and
WARNING: `AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED' allows to define a template without
WARNING: `acconfig.h':
WARNING:             [Define if a function `main' is needed.])
WARNING: More sophisticated templates can also be produced, see the
WARNING: documentation.
autoheader: `include/arch/unix/apr_private.h.in' is created
Creating configure ... 

during configure I get these messages like this when creating each of
the make files (probably not a fatal condition):

config.status: creating Makefile
mv: Makefile: set owner/group (was: 1121/0): Operation not permitted

make works, so I overreacted about all the messages.

Jeff Trawick | trawick@attglobal.net
Born in Roswell... married an alien...

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