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From Cliff Woolley <jwool...@virginia.edu>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Re: 2.0 performance Re: Breaking something? Now is the time?
Date Sat, 29 Jun 2002 20:17:47 GMT
On Sat, 29 Jun 2002, Brian Pane wrote:

> I tried this, and it didn't unroll the loop.  That's probably
> because some of information needed to unroll the loop effectively
> is unknown to the compiler.

Hm.  Okay, well, if we're going to do this, can we split it out into a
separate macro (my_strncpy or something) so it's clear what's going on and
to avoid cluttering up that function?

Also, isn't it true that your patch now causes the buffer bucket to always
have 0-7 unused bytes at the end?  I'd have to go back and look more
carefully to be sure, but that was the impression I got from first glance.

I also feel like there *has* to be some better way to check for EOS...
some way that would allow us to coalesce the writes.  But I haven't
figured out what that is yet.  I'll keep thinking about it.


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