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From "Sander Striker" <stri...@apache.org>
Subject RE: Memory manager
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 21:28:24 GMT
Hi Andi,

> Hi,
> PHP uses memory allocation extensively. During the life cycle of a PHP 
> script there is a huge amount of malloc()'s and free()'s. We found that 
> under multi-threaded web servers this leads to decreased performance due to 
> memory fragmentation and locking within the memory manager.
> The solution is using per-thread memory pools which don't lock and are 
> completely freed at the end of each request.
> Win32 supports this kind of per-thread memory pool with the 
> HeapCreate(HEAP_NO_SERIALIZE, ...) family of functions. Using these kind of 
> functions gave us a huge performance gain.
> Now with Apache 2 coming out I wanted to solve this problem in a 
> cross-platform way as I don't have Bill's API available on UNIX :) The APR 
> memory pools aren't good enough for us because they don't allow for any 
> freeing which just doesn't work for PHP.
> What we did was write a memory manager (similar to Doug Lea's malloc.c but 
> much more lightweight) which allows you to have many instances (pools) and 
> it supports allocation, freeing, reallocation. At the end of each request 
> it quickly frees all of the huge memory chunks it used. I started using it 
> with the new PHP scripting engine and am allocating memory in 64KB blocks 
> (run-time definable) and it seems to work pretty well. To allocate the 
> memory blocks themselves it uses malloc() which makes it extremely 
> portable. (I actually got that idea from APR).
> Do you guys have any interest in adding this kind of "smarter" memory pool 
> into APR? I think it's extremely useful.

I think some of us have an interest in implementing reaps.  However,
I'm not going to touch the pools code to get another mechanism in place
anytime soon.  I know apr_free can be added to the current code with
little trouble, keeping the costs in the free.

In any case I think it would be nice to see your code ;)

> If you reply please cc: me because I'm not on the APR dev list.
> Andi


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