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From "Tahiry Ramanamampanoharana" <noment...@hotmail.com>
Subject Modified apr_hash
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 13:34:07 GMT
Hi guys,

Recently I was writing an Apache module and I needed a hash table library 
using shared memory. I wanted a hash table that could be shared among 
children processes (read/write access) and not only the usual parent to 

So I wrote my own shared mem library that uses the actual apr_shm lib.
Then, since I didn't want to write my own hash table lib, I modified the 
current APR hash lib to be more generic by removing its dependency to APR 

Instead of explicitly using pools, I modified it so that you register your 
own memory allocation function and make APR hash functions use it. This 
enables me to have a shared memory hash table with APR hash lib.

So for those who might need it, I am attaching 3 libs with this email:
- apr_hash.c & apr_hash.h: the modified (reverse compatible with current use 
of the library)
- my_shmem.c & my_shmem.h: child to child shared memory
- my_shmem_hash.c & my_shmem_hash.h: hash table using my_shmem instead of 
APR pools.

I might be totally wrong on the usefulness of this, as this is the first I 
am getting at this kind of stuff. Feedbacks will be highly appreciated.


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