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From Greg Stein <gst...@lyra.org>
Subject Re: Memory manager
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 22:58:31 GMT
On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 11:07:43PM +0300, Andi Gutmans wrote:
> The APR memory pools aren't good enough for us because they don't allow
> for any freeing which just doesn't work for PHP.

Um. We use pools in Subversion and free the memory all the time. The key is
the use of subpools. I added some notes about our experiences at the end of
this document:


Note that pools can also be configured to not have a per-thread lock.

> Do you guys have any interest in adding this kind of "smarter" memory pool 
> into APR? I think it's extremely useful.

Sure. Although I'm a bit unclear on how it differs from using, say,
apr_pool_destroy on a subpool to toss intermediate memory.


Greg Stein, http://www.lyra.org/

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