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From "Bill Stoddard" <b...@wstoddard.com>
Subject Re: [PATCH] WIN32 implementation of apr_poll_revents_get()
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 16:29:06 GMT

> At 11:02 AM 6/5/2002, FirstBill wrote:
> > > > Also, I considered first using a flag in the apr_socket_t structure,
> > but my
> > > > problem is that there is already one: 'disconnected'. I would use this
> > > > flag, but after many review of the code, I still don't know the
> > utility of
> > > > this flag.
> >
> >Has to do with a performance tweak on Windows. AcceptEx() accepts as
> >arguments two
> >sockets, the listener and an unconnected accept socket. Creating a new
> >accept socket (with
> >a call to socket()) is very expensive on Windows (the call has to
> >percolate through many
> >layers of service providers each deciding if they should handle the call).
> >Some of the
> >Win32 socket calls enable you to recycle the accept socket (TransmitFile
> >for instance.).
> >If you tell TransmitFile to disconnect the accept socket, it can be reused
> >on the AcceptEx
> >call and this is good for a double digit performance boost serving
> >non-keepalive requests.
> >Check out mpm_winnt.c and apr_sendfile() on Windows to see how this flag
> >is used.
> Yes But.
> But why does that affect APR?  We must support socket applications
> other than Apache with apr, with no need to grok the internals of what
> should be private structures.
> If we have broken APR to support mpm_winnt's AcceptEx model, then
> APR is broken.  If you need to add extra flags to share the apr code with
> the mpm, feel free, but we need a compliant APR sockets architecture.
> We currently fail most of the network_io test suite.  I am happy to commit
> any patches that I can verify will improve our Win32 compliance with apr's
> test suite.   Patch authors, *please* indicate that your patch has already
> passed the test suite when posting.  If it requires several patches, please
> post them separately and indicate which other patches are required.
> And if our tests themselves are broken, patches there too are welcome :-)
> Bill

Don't worry, the disconnect flag does not break anything (semantically or otherwise) in
APR. The notion of a disconnected socket doesn't apply to just Win32 though to my
knowledge, no *ix platforms implement it.


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