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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject [PATCH] Bug in apr locking assumptions and optimization
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 15:19:52 GMT
Attached is a patch to introduce a new locking semantic to our thread_mutex.
Right now we presume the 'default' is unnested.  Well, that saves 30% of the
processing time on Unix, but it would cripple Win32 (which gets a critical 
in 10 instructions or so IF there is no contention... and it's always 

Sebastian tossed me a really interesting and invalid assumption I made
when apr'izing mod_isapi...

At 09:38 AM 5/25/2002, Sebastian Hantsch wrote to me:
>[...] the current Async emulation won't work as designed:
>This is a snippet from isapi_handler:
>comp = cid->completed;
>if (cid->completed && (rv == APR_SUCCESS)) {
>        rv = apr_thread_mutex_lock(comp);
>/* The completion port is now locked.  When we regain the
>* lock, we may destroy the request.
>if (cid->completed && (rv == APR_SUCCESS)) {
>        rv = apr_thread_mutex_lock(comp);
>apr_thread_mutex functions internally use Critical Sections on win32 platform.
>In the Win32 SDK at
>is the following statement:
> > After a thread has ownership of a critical section, it can make 
> additional calls to
> > EnterCriticalSection or TryEnterCriticalSection without blocking its 
> execution. This
> > prevents a thread from deadlocking itself while waiting for a critical 
> section that it already owns.
>So, the method currently used in mod_isapi.c does not block as supposed 
>until a HSE_REQ_DONE_WITH_SESSION message arrives.
>I would suggest to use SetEvent/CreateEvent/WaitForSingleObject as in 
>2.0.36, that synchronization methods work for me.

Today we have no unnested locks on Win32.  That's problem one to address.
The attached patch should make this really trivial and unambiguous, while 
all platforms to choose the obvious semantic for _DEFAULT locks for 


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