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From Eli Marmor <mar...@netmask.it>
Subject Re: Repeating Calls to apr_dso_load()
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 14:49:03 GMT
Aaron Bannert wrote:

> [copying the APR dev list]

[I'm not subscribed to APR, and this message will probably be refused,
so please forward it to them]

> On Tue, May 28, 2002 at 04:55:14AM +0300, Eli Marmor wrote:
> > Can it be assumed that calling apr_dso_load() twice for the same shared
> > object, will not re-open that file, but just returns the same handle?
> LoadLibrary*() on Windows does reference counting, and same goes for
> dlopen().

Thank you very much for the info about LoadLibrary().
Regarding dlopen(), I already mentioned it in my original question
(well, you wouldn't expect me to raise a question without checking it

I think that assuming that most of the rest are not critical
(NSLinkModule, load_add_on of BeOS, DosLoadModule of OS/2, dllload of
OS/390), we have only to check what happens with shl_load() (HP-UX).
If the behavior of shl_load() is similar, then it will not be wrong
to say that more than 99% of the installations of Apache behave this
way (the sum of dlopen() + shl_load() + LoadLibrary() ).

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