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From Jim Jagielski <...@jaguNET.com>
Subject Re: can we require libtool 1.4 ?
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 12:12:57 GMT
Greg Stein wrote:
> I think it would simplify our life, and give us proper dependencies, yet not
> cause any undue burden (libtool 1.4 has been out for a long while now...)
> >From IRC, I already have a +1 from Justin and Sander. So I'd say we have
> enough positive traction for the move. But does anybody see any *problems*
> or have a reason to *not* require 1.4 ?

I'm a ++1 on requiring 1.4.x as a minumum. From all accounts, the
libtool to be shipped with OSX 10.2 will *still* be 1.3-based, but
the various 1.4.2 Darwin builds (like Pier's) work just fine. Also,
IIRC, doesn't PHP since like 4.1.x require 1.4.2 ?

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