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From Greg Stein <gst...@lyra.org>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apr-util/buckets apr_brigade.c
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 23:06:51 GMT
On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 06:52:37PM -0400, Cliff Woolley wrote:
> to copy.  And no, the compiler won't do an optimized memcpy here because
> the length is not known at compile time.  So it's a valid optimization.

Well, the *compiler* might not, but it can inline the assembler forms which
do optimized copies (e.g. whole words at a time).

> At the same time, the brigade_write() family can be tricky to maintain at
> times.  It's much better than it used to be (now that
> check_brigade_flush() has been burned at the stake), though.
> So the real question is this: is it ever possible for strlen()+memcpy() to
> be faster than the while loop used here?  I believe the answer is no.

I think the answer is yes :-)  Thus, my request for actual numbers.

We really cannot continue to add complexity to the codebase every time we
want another 1% improvement. We'll end up with an unmaintainable codebase;
it'll run wicked fast, but we won't be able to fix or improve it.


Greg Stein, http://www.lyra.org/

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