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From Jeff Trawick <traw...@attglobal.net>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Re: the most common seg fault on daedalus
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2002 18:02:27 GMT
Cliff Woolley <jwoolley@virginia.edu> writes:

> On 15 Apr 2002, Jeff Trawick wrote:
> > What happens if we kill the cleanup on the apr_mmap_t when we create
> > an mmap bucket?
> That would work [and would be the preferable solution as far as I'm
> concerned], but there's currently no API to do it with.  To kill the
> cleanup, you need access to the cleanup function itself, but it's static
> to apr/mmap/*/mmap.c.

I know; I didn't want to clutter the attempt to find the right
solution with such details :)

I'm having a hard time thinking of a reasonable way to expose enough
information so that the cleanup can be killed.  Some ugly helper
function could be exported by APR.  Or maybe force the address of the
cleanup function to be stored at offset 4 of the apr_mmap_t :)

(I actually prefer the latter...  It buys us time until the
hypothetical point where there are similar cleanup ordering problems
with other parts of APR and we have to come up with a solution that
solves today's problem and some new problem.)

Jeff Trawick | trawick@attglobal.net
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