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From Dave Hill <David.D.H...@Compaq.com>
Subject How bullet proof ?
Date Wed, 17 Apr 2002 20:00:25 GMT

    I was just debugging a module and ran into an interesting question.
The module caused a SEGV in

AP_DECLARE(char *) ap_make_full_path(apr_pool_t *a, const char *src1,
                                  const char *src2)

because it passed a NULL in a src2, which caused the segv when
strlen(src2) was called.

My first inclination was to think "what a bonehead thing to do", my
second inclination was that maybe
apr should protect me from myself a bit more....

Wouldn't it make sense to make a path in that case with only src1 as the
content ?
Wouldn't it make sense fo the function to return a NULL back to the
caller if src1 or src2 are null
Wouldn't it make sense for me just to check my arguments be for calling
apr :-)

Dave Hill

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