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From Dave Hill <David.D.H...@Compaq.com>
Subject Problem with child reaping on Tru64
Date Wed, 17 Apr 2002 14:18:45 GMT

Hi all,
        I have run into a problem on Compaq Tru64 with cgi processes
being reaped when using with mpm worker.

        I had always thought the signal(SIGCHLD,SIG_IGN) would always
cause child processes to quietly go away but....

        After rooting around through the libc and kernel code I found
that many behaviors related to SIGCHLD and SIG_IGN are supported, but
which one is used depends on which compile flags are set (which trigger
different standards behavior, sysV or XPG4 for example).  The default
behavior for SIGCHLD & SIG_IGN is *not* for the child to disappear.
The Tru64 prefered way to get the desired behavior is to use sigaction
and add the flag SA_NOCLDWAIT. Rather than play with compile flags
(like -DOPEN_SOURCE) and as apr is using sigaction anyway... I think a
small change to signal.c may be the least intrusive fix.

SA_NOCLDWAIT is supposed to be a XPG4/XSH4.2 standards thingie...

Lastly - this only affects mod_cgid.c in the current code base.

Dave Hill

*** srclib/apr/threadproc/unix/signals.c.orig   Tue Apr 16 18:22:07 2002

--- srclib/apr/threadproc/unix/signals.c        Wed Apr 17 10:03:48 2002

*** 105,110 ****
--- 105,116 ----
  #ifdef SA_INTERRUPT             /* SunOS */
      act.sa_flags |= SA_INTERRUPT;
+     /* this is required on Tru64 to cause child processes to
+        disapear gracefully - XPG4 compatible */
+     if((signo == SIGCHLD) && (func == SIG_IGN))
+       act.sa_flags |= SA_NOCLDWAIT;
+ #endif
      if (sigaction(signo, &act, &oact) < 0)
          return SIG_ERR;
      return oact.sa_handler;

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