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From Brian Pane <brian.p...@cnet.com>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Re: the most common seg fault on daedalus
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2002 18:11:54 GMT
Jeff Trawick wrote:

>Cliff Woolley <jwoolley@virginia.edu> writes:
>>On 15 Apr 2002, Jeff Trawick wrote:
>>>What happens if we kill the cleanup on the apr_mmap_t when we create
>>>an mmap bucket?
>>That would work [and would be the preferable solution as far as I'm
>>concerned], but there's currently no API to do it with.  To kill the
>>cleanup, you need access to the cleanup function itself, but it's static
>>to apr/mmap/*/mmap.c.
>I know; I didn't want to clutter the attempt to find the right
>solution with such details :)
>I'm having a hard time thinking of a reasonable way to expose enough
>information so that the cleanup can be killed.  Some ugly helper
>function could be exported by APR.  Or maybe force the address of the
>cleanup function to be stored at offset 4 of the apr_mmap_t :)
>(I actually prefer the latter...  It buys us time until the
>hypothetical point where there are similar cleanup ordering problems
>with other parts of APR and we have to come up with a solution that
>solves today's problem and some new problem.)

I like Justin's suggestion: a generic function that removes all cleanups
registered for a given object.

In fact, we could even do this by overloading apr_pool_cleanup_kill() to
allow NULL as the cleanup pointer, where NULL means "unregister all cleanups
that match this object."


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