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From Thom May <t...@planetarytramp.net>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Use handcoded assembly on Linux for atomics
Date Mon, 22 Apr 2002 09:32:26 GMT
* Justin Erenkrantz (jerenkrantz@apache.org) wrote :
> I *really* need help testing this.  Create atomic/linux/Makefile.in
> atomic/linux/apr_atomic_linux.c from the fragments below and and
> apply these patches.
> I tried to keep the general idea of the code as close as I could to
> the original FreeBSD code, but I did make a bunch of formatting
> changes and attempted to verify the code as much as I could (well,
> I didn't pay much attention to Alpha's ASM).
> Since I don't have access to a Linux/Alpha or Linux/Sparc box, I
> don't know what the right processor #define would be - so I took
> a guess.
I can test this on Alpha and Sparc - probably tonight for the Sparc, later
in the week for Alpha.

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