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From Aaron Bannert <aa...@clove.org>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apr/locks/unix crossproc.c locks.c proc_mutex.c
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2002 21:24:06 GMT
On Thu, Apr 04, 2002 at 04:04:46PM -0500, Jeff Trawick wrote:
> You should hard-code posix semaphores for Darwin in apr_hints.m4.  We
> should not be playing around with the lock choice and affecting
> multiple systems when we get specific platform knowledge we want to
> exploit.  apr_hints.m4 is for that specific platform knowledge.

I don't consider this to be platform specific knowledge. Posix semaphores
can be used on other platforms as well (Jim said he tested it on

So is sem_open() broken on linux 2.2.12 or is it just being used incorrectly?


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