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From Cliff Woolley <jwool...@virginia.edu>
Subject RE: Logging
Date Sat, 02 Mar 2002 23:49:57 GMT
On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, Marc M. Adkins wrote:

> I can respect that argument.  I had already noticed that the code I was
> writing was different from the APR code body in the sense that it _used_ APR
> but didn't have any platform-specific sections of its own.  I can always
> develop what I want on top of APR (e.g. Log4APR) as a separate project.

++1.. sounds great!

> However...having a nice base like APR I would like to develop tools on
> top of it that might have general utility, if not be specifically
> targeted at portability.  The idea being that if I'm using APR for
> development I would like features X and Y and Z also, and I want them to
> work _with_ APR and _using_ APR so that my hassles and code size are
> both minimized. Just as there exists CPAN for Perl packages (and so on
> and so forth), might there also (eventually) be a similar repository for
> APR packages?

That could be a respectable eventual goal.  For now, I think we just need
to keep track of which things have been written for APR and attempt to
maintain cross-publicity as much as possible.  If the body of APR-ized
works becomes as massive as that of the list of Perl modules (wow), then
something more centralized perhaps.  :)


   Cliff Woolley
   Charlottesville, VA

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