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From "Sander Striker" <stri...@apache.org>
Subject RE: Symbol name consistency
Date Sun, 17 Mar 2002 22:36:24 GMT
> From: Thom May [mailto:thom@planetarytramp.net]
> Sent: 17 March 2002 23:09

> So, while I've been doing the renames in renames_pending, I've been going
> through most of the includes/ directory and noticing quite a few
> (i think) inconsistencies. This is as good a list as I've got so far:
> Cheers,
> -Thom, donning asbestos suit.


> +apr_time_exp_gmt_get             from apr_implode_gmt
> +apr_time_interval_t              from apr_interval_time_t
> +apr_time_interval_short_t        from apr_short_interval_time_t


> +apr_file_info_t                  from apr_finfo_t


> +apr_file_stat                    from apr_stat
> +apr_file_lstat                   from apr_lstat

No need for 'file', the stat and lstat functions show
their file relatedness by theirselves IMO.  Although
for consistency I see your point. :(

> +apr_file_path_root               from apr_filepath_root
> +apr_file_path_merge              from apr_file_path_merge
> +apr_file_path_set                from apr_filepath_set
> +apr_file_path_get                from apr_filepath_get

Not sure.  I mean, not sure if 'file' is appropiate here.
path may just be enough.

> +apr_file_attrs_t                 from apr_fileattrs_t
> +apr_file_seek_where_t            from apr_seek_where_t


> +                                 from apr_is_fnmatch


> +
> +/* TODO: I'm not sure this is the best place to put this prototype...*/ apr_generate_random_bytes
> +
> +apr_lock_scope_e                 from apr_lockscope_e
> +apr_lock_type_e                  from apr_locktype_e
> +apr_lock_mech_e                  from apr_lockmech_e
> +apr_lock_readerwriter_e          from apr_readerwriter_e


> +apr_network_socket_create        from apr_socket_create
> +apr_network_shutdown             from apr_shutdown
> +apr_network_socket_close         from apr_socket_close
> +apr_network_bind                 from apr_bind
> +apr_network_listen               from apr_listen
> +apr_network_accpet               from apr_accept
> +apr_network_connect              from apr_connect
> +apr_network_sockaddr_info_get    from apr_sockaddr_info_get
> +apr_network_name_info_get        from apr_getnameinfo
> +apr_network_addr_port_parse      from apr_parse_addr_port
> +apr_network_hostname_get         from apr_gethostname
> +apr_network_socket_data_get      from apr_socket_data_get
> +apr_network_socket_data_set      from apr_socket_data_set
> +apr_network_send                 from apr_send
> +apr_network_sendv                from apr_sendv
> +apr_network_sendto               from apr_sendto
> +apr_network_recvfrom             from apr_recvfrom
> +apr_network_sendfile             from apr_sendfile
> +apr_network_recv                 from apr_recv
> +apr_network_socket_opt_set       from apr_setsocketopt
> +apr_network_socket_opt_get       from apr_getsocketopt
> +apr_network_socket_addr_get      from apr_socket_addr_get
> +apr_network_sockadrr_port_set    from apr_sockaddr_port_set
> +apr_network_sockaddr_port_get    from apr_sockaddr_port_get
> +apr_network_sockaddr_ip_set      from apr_sockaddr_ip_set
> +apr_network_sockaddr_ip_get      from apr_sockaddr_ip_get
> +apr_network_sockaddr_equal       from apr_sockaddr_equal
> +apr_network_poll_setup           from apr_poll_setup
> +apr_network_poll                 from apr_poll
> +apr_network_poll_socket_add      from apr_poll_socket_add
> +apr_network_poll_socket_mask     from apr_poll_socket_mask
> +apr_network_poll_socket_remove   from apr_poll_socket_remove
> +apr_network_poll_socket_clear    from apr_poll_socket_clear
> +apr_network_poll_revents_get     from apr_poll_revents_get
> +apr_network_poll_data_get        from apr_poll_data_get
> +apr_network_poll_data_set        from apr_poll_data_set
> +apr_network_file_socket_create   from apr_socket_from_file
> +apr_network_service_byname_get   from apr_getservbyname
> +apr_network_ip_subnet_create     from apr_ipsubnet_create
> +apr_network_ip_subnet_test       from apr_ipsubnet_test
> +apr_network_socket_inherit_set   from apr_socket_set_inherit
> +apr_network_socket_inherit_unset from apr_socket_unset_inherit

Why put the word network in?  Seems like we would have to
start typing that word a bit too often if you ask me.  I
personally think that most people know that these function
are network related, since their non-apr twins are aswell.

> +apr_pool_alloc                   from apr_palloc
> +apr_pool_alloc_debug             from apr_palloc_debug
> +apr_pool_calloc                  from apr_pcalloc
> +apr_pool_calloc_debug            from apr_pcalloc_debug

Since this is used so often, apr_palloc is fine.  I don't think
anyone would want a longer name for pools allocations.  I
certainly don't.

> +apr_user_id_current              from apr_current_userid
> +apr_user_compare                 from apr_compare_users
> +apr_group_id_get                 from apr_get_groupid
> +apr_group_compare                from apr_compare_groups



PS. Thanks Thom for doing this.  I know we have been meaning
    to do this for a long time, but never seem to come round
    to it.  IMHO this is certainly showstopper material, simple
    because we can't change the APIs (easily) after 1.0.

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