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From Pier Fumagalli <p...@betaversion.org>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apr/dso/unix dso.c
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 22:32:03 GMT
"Aaron Bannert" <aaron@clove.org> wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 25, 2002 at 08:29:21PM +0000, Pier Fumagalli wrote:
>> It works, it works... I still didn't try it in production, but 2.0.32 was
>> pretty stable (never got segfaults even with worker), on 10.1.3.
> Awesome! Does OS X have its own pthread implementation (not based on
> FreeBSD's)?

Apparently, since it works allright... This is all I can figure out though:

checking for pthread.h... yes
checking whether pthread_getspecific takes two arguments... no
checking whether pthread_attr_getdetachstate takes one argument... no
checking for pthread_key_delete... yes
checking for pthread_rwlock_init... no
APR will use threads

>> The only "PITA" is locking, we'd really have to find an inter-process
>> locking mechanism != from files under OS/X (file locking is _so_ slow!)
> What are you using your interprocess lock for?

Whatever APR provides me :)

> We use file-based
> locks by default because they are the most portable, but if we had
> reason to believe that another method was better then we could
> change the default on a platform-by-platform basis in autoconf.
> APR locks support a bunch of different interprocess lock types.

Noticed that :) All I can tell you is that under Darwin the apr_lock
implementation method is "SVR4-style fcntl()". Check this out:

checking for semget... yes
checking for semctl... yes
checking for flock... yes
checking for /dev/zero... (cached) yes
checking for union semun in sys/sem.h... no
checking for LOCK_EX in sys/file.h... yes
checking for F_SETLK in fcntl.h... yes
checking for SEM_UNDO in sys/sem.h... no
checking for CODESET in langinfo.h... no
checking for POLLIN in poll.h sys/poll.h... no
checking for PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED in pthread.h... no
checking for pthread_mutexattr_setpshared... no
decision on apr_lock implementation method... SVR4-style fcntl()
checking if interprocess lock affects threads... no

On Darwin semget and semctl are there, but there is no SEM_UNDO, the
pthread_mutexattr_setpshared (of course) is not there, but I'm wondering if
there's another way to handle things without using files, which just is a
kick in the **** :)

This is also because (apart from speed) most of the file paths in HTTPD are
"hard coded" (check this as an example):

# grep 'logs/.*lock' `find $HTTPD2_SRC/server/mpm -type f`
../netware/mpm_default.h:  #define DEFAULT_LOCKFILE "logs/accept.lock"
../perchild/mpm_default.h:#define DEFAULT_LOCKFILE "logs/accept.lock"
../prefork/mpm_default.h:#define DEFAULT_LOCKFILE "logs/accept.lock"
../worker/mpm_default.h:#define DEFAULT_LOCKFILE "logs/accept.lock"

DOH! :) I don't have the "logs" directory in my HTTPD 2.0 install (took me
ages to figure that out!)

> (IME, pthread-based locks tend to be the fastest, but not many platforms
> support that.)

IME -> In My Experience ??? :) how about semaphores against file locks?


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