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From Christian Gross <christiangr...@yahoo.de>
Subject Re: The APR
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 17:24:28 GMT
At 02:24 04/03/2002 -0800, Jason Filby wrote:
>Hi all
>This looks like quite an interesting project! But, I have a few
>o How does the APR compare to the NSPR in terms of functionality? I
>remember reading that the NSPR had functions the APR team deemed
>unnecessary? Which functions were those?

NSPR and APR definitely have similarities.  But there are some slight 
differences (for example thread pools in NSPR).  But which one is 
better?  There is not one REALLY better in terms of functionality since 
each has their strengths.  For example in APR you have pool based resource 
management.  This is a boon for any programmer.

Ok I may be biased but I prefer APR.  I have used both extensively and find 
that APR is just simpler to use and more productive.  For Apache 
http://www.devspace.com/Technology/ApacheStuff.html and for NSPR 
http://www.devspace.com/Technology/MozillaStuff.html.  Part of the problem 
with NSPR is that its build process is too darn complicated and integrating 
NSPR is not much fun.  Another problem with NSPR is that a few times I have 
had conflicts with naming of NSPR data types.  This has never occured with 

>o Is there some more documentation somewhere on what the various
>utilities in APR-UTIL are/do?

I named some references above.

Christian Gross

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