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From Brian Pane <bp...@pacbell.net>
Subject Re: bucket api patch
Date Sun, 03 Mar 2002 06:47:07 GMT
Brian Pane wrote:

> Cliff Woolley wrote: 


>> apr_bucket_free() knows nothing about buckets, so ignore the fact that a
>> bucket contains an apr_bucket_alloc_t* (see below).  The block allocated
>> by apr_bucket_alloc() will have internal information stored immediately
>> prior to (or following?) the location returned from 
>> apr_bucket_alloc.  In
>> other words, apr_bucket_alloc will over-allocate so that it has a few
>> bytes for its own purposes.  You and I had talked about that a while 
>> back
>> and agreed that that seemed a reasonable way to handle the problem.
> Cool, I'd forgotten about storing the metadata stored right in
> front of the block returned by apr_bucket_alloc(); that will solve
> the problem very cleanly. 

I just ran an httpd with an instrumented version of
apr_bucket_alloc to collect data about the sizes of
the buckets being allocated.  The results look like

alloc size        percent
(rounded up       of total
to next power     bucket
of two)           allocs

    8              10%
   16              15%
   32              73%
 8192               2%   

The 8KB allocations are from apr_brigade_write().
These 8KB blocks imply a design constraint for
the bucket allocator: it can't quite be a simple
power-of-two allocator.  Each allocation of an 8KB
block will really need 8KB+sizeof(void*) bytes, in
order to hold the apr_bucket_alloc_t* in front of
the block.  So if the underlying allocator is strictly
applying a power-of-two rule, it will create 16KB
blocks for these.  (I think we'll run into this
problem if the apr_brigade_alloc() function uses
the same node_malloc() function that's currently
used in apr_pool_t, for example.)


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