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From "Ryan Bloom" <...@covalent.net>
Subject RE: apr_file_gets return code
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 15:01:23 GMT
Just a word to the wise, there are apps out there that rely on this
behavior.  Apache is one of them, so if you modify this, please double
check Apache at the same time.


Ryan Bloom                  rbb@covalent.net
645 Howard St.              rbb@apache.org
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> From: trawick@rdu88-250-166.nc.rr.com [mailto:trawick@rdu88-250-
> 166.nc.rr.com] On Behalf Of Jeff Trawick
> Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2002 6:55 AM
> To: Aaron M. Folmsbee
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> Subject: Re: apr_file_gets return code
> "Aaron M. Folmsbee" <aaron@folmsbee.com> writes:
> > apr_file_gets returns APR_EOF if it encounters an eof condition ( or
> > error condition...) while there is still room left in the read
> > This means that APR_EOF is returned if you read the last line in a
> > with a buffer larger then the last line. I would submit that the
> > behaviour is to return success if anything is read before
> > the eof.
> I think I agree with your comment about the proper behavior: It should
> return APR_SUCCESS if it read any bytes into the caller's buffer.
> What OS did you encounter the problem on?
> Was there a '\n' at the end of the file?
> Do you have a patch?
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