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From "Sander Striker" <stri...@apache.org>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Free memory over a certain threshold back to the system
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2002 08:10:30 GMT
> From: Brian Pane [mailto:brian.pane@cnet.com]
> Sent: 07 February 2002 04:21

>> It is the memory on the freelists that grows without bounds.  The patch
>> free()s memory that is added to a freelist when the freelist already
>> holds a certain amount of free memory.  This is very usefull when you
>> have peak memory usage as some people pointed out.
>> The pools model is something you are stuck with it if you want to use APR.
>> And it is not always pools abuse which gives you big chunks of mem on
>> the freelist.  Although I must admit that I would recommend some
>> serious review of the code which shows this behaviour.
>> Anyhow, I'd like to add a configure option which you can feed the
>> amount of memory you want as a maximum on a freelist, defaulting
>> to infinite.
>> Thoughts?
>> Sander
> I like the idea of a configurable maximum.  It probably should
> be run-time configurable rather than build-time configurable,
> though.  It would be even better if the max free list size could
> be specified on a per-allocator basis, so that the application
> developer could tailor the properties of each free list to the
> needs of the app.
> --Brian

That certainly can be coded up.  We only need to think about an API.
Currently I am playing with the idea to factor the allocator out,
and expose it.  This would give us the opurtunity to add a set_max_free
function in there.  Placing it in the apr_pools namespace is something
I'd rather not do.


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