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From Pier Fumagalli <p...@betaversion.org>
Subject Re: Using APR in mod_webapp
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 15:47:19 GMT
"jean-frederic clere" <jfrederic.clere@fujitsu-siemens.com> wrote:

> Sander Striker wrote:
>>> From: jfclere@vtxrm2.bcn.fsc.net [mailto:jfclere@vtxrm2.bcn.fsc.net]On
>>> Behalf Of jean-frederic clere
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a question:
>>> mod_webapp from Tomcat uses APR:
>>> Where should APR be downloaded from? - It must be a tarball because that is
>>> for
>>> the ones that want to build mod_webapp on their own -
>>> Until now I was adding apr to a subdirectory of mod_webapp and releasing the
>>> corresponding tarball. (Normaly I am using an APR tagged for httpd-2.0).
>> Why are you moving away from that now?
> Because mod_webapp has been released in jakarta-tomcat-connectors-4.0.2-src.
> jakarta-tomcat-connectors hosts both mod_jk and mod_webapp but mod_jk does not
> require APR.
> That is why I am looking for a new location for APR.

I would bundle a snapshot of the APR tree with the source tarball as we
always did... But at the same time, since I didn't participate to the
release, I can't say much...


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