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From Peter Ring <...@magnus.dk>
Subject RE: apr.dsp is with unix EOLs in the tarball 0.9
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 09:28:56 GMT
While there admittedly can be reasons not to have ^Ms in for-win32-only
files in a CVS repository, your statement "Text files on Win32 end in CR/LF.
All Of Them." were probably more correct say 10 years ago. Why not also
"Text files on Win32 use ^Z for EOF.  All Of Them."? Or "Text files on Win32
use 8-bit character sets.  All Of Them."? Both of these assumptions are as
valid as the first one, that is, they are invalid.

Kind regards
Peter Ring

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From: William A. Rowe, Jr. [mailto:wrowe@covalent.net]
Sent: 21. februar 2002 06:33
To: kfogel@collab.net; Faller, Gyula
Cc: dev@subversion.tigris.org; dev@apr.apache.org
Subject: Re: apr.dsp is with unix EOLs in the tarball 0.9

From: "Karl Fogel" <kfogel@newton.ch.collab.net>
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2002 11:09 PM

> "Faller, Gyula" <gfaller@graphisoft.hu> writes:
> >  I downloaded subversion-r1302 tarball yesterday, tried to load the
> > subversion.dsw into VisualStudio 6.0 and tried to build it. But the VS
> > ceased to load the apr.dsp. It is said it is not a VS dsp. I look into
> > and converted it to MSDOS EOL from Unix EOL, and everything works fine.
> >  So I suggest to convert apr.dsp to DOS format in the tarball to make
> > WIndows folks life easier.
> It looks like apr.dsp lives in the apr/ subdirectory.  So unless
> Subversion generates it (?), this is something APR would need to
> solve.  I've CC'd this to the `dev@apr.apache.org' mailing list...

APR has nothing to solve.

Text files on Win32 end in CR/LF.  All Of Them.


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