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From Philip Martin <phi...@codematters.co.uk>
Subject Do apr and apr-util support builddir != srcdir?
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2002 03:27:16 GMT

I am trying to get Subversion to support builddir != srcdir when
building apr/apr-util from source in the Subversion tree. This used to
work until Subversion switched to using find_apr.m4 and find_apu.m4
and started using apr-util.

The first problem is that I am having trouble working out what
APR_FIND_APR and APR_FIND_APU are supposed to do.

The subversion source looks like


and APR_FIND_APR is called as APR_FIND_APR($srcdir/apr, $builddir).

This works for builddir = srcdir builds but doesn't appear to work
when builddir != srcdir. The problem is the concatenation of
$apr_builddir and $apr_srcdir when setting the values of $apr_config,
$apr_srcdir, etc. Having looked at the find_apr.mr code I cannot
really see what values to pass to APR_FIND_APR to produce the right
answers. Can anybody help?

Well, I can hack around that problem, replacing the bogus values of
apr_config and apu_config with the correct ones, and thus get
configure to run. Then I hit a second problem. Subversion has just
started to include apr-util, and I find that apr-util fails to
configure bundled xml/expat. I think this is because it tries to
create two levels of directories, xml/expat, with a single MKDIR
call. Creating the directory by hand before running configure produces
a buildable system. So I think I need to force the xml subdir to be
created as a special case, somewhere in apr-util/build/apu-conf.m4
perhaps, but I don't really know where to start. Can anybody help?


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