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From "Bill Tutt" <rassi...@lyra.org>
Subject RE: [PATCH] WIN32 Optimistic apr_proc_kill
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 22:44:00 GMT
This isn't a nicer way to kill child processes. While DLL cleanup tasks
might happen you have no idea whether or not the app you're trying to
terminate is in a state useful to try this out. The user still might see
a Win32 generated A/V dialog (or worse) when you do try this trick.

How about this for an alternate suggestion:
1) Posting a WM_CLOSE to its window(s) (if any).
  You can do this by using a combination of EnumWindows, and

2) If you don't find any windows try calling GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent
with CTRL_CLOSE_EVENT, and see if that causes the process to terminate.

3) If the above options time out then you might as well call
TerminateProcess() because injecting a call to ExitProcess() isn't going
to guarantee you anything anyway. 

All of this brings a timeout into the picture. Do you really want that?

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