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From Pavel Novy <n...@feld.cvut.cz>
Subject [PATCH] aprlib & OpenWatcom on NetWare
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2002 20:05:29 GMT
I've finally succeeded with the build of aprlib.nlm with OpenWatcom.
Here are two patches needed to apply to make Watcom compiler happy 

getuuid.c.patch: Watcom is not familiar with LL:

Watcom C32 Optimizing Compiler  Version 11.0c
Copyright by Sybase, Inc., and its subsidiaries, 1984, 2000.
All rights reserved.  Watcom is a trademark of Sybase, Inc.
..\..\srclib\apr\misc\unix\getuuid.c(146): Error! E1009: Expecting ';' 
but found 'L'
..\..\srclib\apr\misc\unix\getuuid.c: 240 lines, included 24521, 0 
warnings, 1 errors
make: *** [../../srclib/apr/misc/unix/getuuid.obj] Error 8

config.hnw.patch: There is no memory.h in paths (there is only 
<nks/memory.h> in LIBC's include subdirectory), so compilation is 
aborted with an error. It seems there is no need to include this header 
file (gcc, Watcom).


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