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From "Brad Nicholes" <BNICHO...@novell.com>
Subject Mod_Negotiation.c is broken...
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2002 21:06:19 GMT
   I'm not sure when the change was entered so I don't know the exact
reason for it but mod_negoteation is no longer able to negotiate
language files.  The reason is because a check for "dirent.filetype !=
APR_REG" was added but APR_FINFO_TYPE was not requested in the call to
apr_dir_read().  The only information that was asked for in the call to
apr_dir_read() is APR_FINFO_DIRENT which appears to be equivalent to
APR_FINFO_NAME.  Since APR_FINFO_TYPE was not asked for, the check for
"dirent.filetype != APR_REG" will always be true and no files will be
negotiated.  If APR_FINFO_TYPE is added, then stat() will be called for
every file which will be extremely expensive.  Can the check for
"dirent.filetype != APR_REG" be removed? 


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