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From "Sander Striker" <stri...@apache.org>
Subject Pools debug WAS: RE: cvs commit: apr CHANGES STATUS
Date Sat, 12 Jan 2002 09:34:25 GMT
> From: Ian Holsman [mailto:ianh@apache.org]
> Subject: Re: cvs commit: apr CHANGES STATUS
> Jeff Trawick wrote:
>> Ian Holsman <ianh@apache.org> writes:
>>> BTW turning on&off APR_POOL_DEBUG/
>>> requires a recompile now as well, as other functions are not
>>> defined like apr_pool_join.
>>>> Why can't APR_POOL_DEBUG do what it used to do (relatively quick to
>>>> switch on and off) and some other define (APR_POOL_DEBUG_VERBOSE
>>>> perhaps?) switch to saving __FILE__ and __LINE__?
>> Put it another way...  what is the value add I get in return for
>> having to recompile everything?
> first of all APR_POOL_DEBUG before this patch required a recompile.
> this is due to the apr_pool_join & apr_pool_lock functions defined
> in the header react differently according to this flag.
> I agree that just being able to switch to a malloc/free allocator
> and use things like efence/purify is useful, and the flag for this
> should be defined in apr_pools.c itself.

Just define it externally, CPPFLAGS=-DAPR_POOL_DEBUG make
works wonders.  And actually, I wanted to put it in configure :)
--with-pools-debug=yes|no|verbose, or something like that.

This document is out of date since the code changes to pools,
but if you look at the bottom of the page, you can see that a
recompile was always neccesary, even with the previous code:
>> Why couldn't the complete recompile be saved for folks that want

It can't.  Hmmm, come to think of it, we actually can, but it
isn't nice.  It is possible to also provide the apr_pool_xxx
functions (without the _dbg postfix) in apr_pools.c when
APR_POOL_DEBUG is defined.  Those will not need the file and
line arguments.
> seems like we need 3 defines
> 1. APR_USE_MALLOC -- for things like efence/purify

Which is what APR_POOL_DEBUG is for right now.  malloc is
_always_ used in debug mode, putting the main pools code
out of the game.

> 2. APR_MIDWAY -- for things like apr_pool_join/lock/line#s etc

Don't know about apr_pool_join, but apr_pool_lock is still a noop.
I never got around to re-implementing it.  Not sure what it should
look like yet.

> 3. APR_VERBOSE -- which dumps the stuff out to a log file.

I'd like to keep all defines to do with pools to start with
APR_POOL_xxx.  If it is more general than that, fine, but if
it is only used in the pools code, we shouldn't polute the

> 2/3 are the ones which require a recompile of everything.

Maybe we should update the debugging document.

"If you are experiencing memory problems, make a copy of your
 tree.  Recompile the copy just like the original, but this
 time make sure to define APR_POOL_DEBUG..."

Something like that.  Then, at least, someone has still
got the failing tree (which could be usefull).  The DEBUG tree
can be used to identify the problem.


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