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From "Brian Havard" <bri...@kheldar.apana.org.au>
Subject Re: bug in apr_brigade.c
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 02:57:41 GMT
On Wed, 23 Jan 2002 12:07:33 -0600, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

>From: "Justin Erenkrantz" <jerenkrantz@ebuilt.com>
>Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 11:44 AM


>> (BTW, what LARGEFILE platforms are there?)
>Win32 for one, right now.  A number of unicies, if anyone ever gets it together
>and actually hacks this out right.  I assume OS2 (since 64bit file pointers go
>back to the pre-divorce days) but they may not be implemented.  Dunno about NW.

OS/2 supports >2GB files in the current versions that include JFS support
as that's the first file system it's supported that uses 64 bit file sizes.
I haven't included support in APR yet as it requires checking for & using
extended API calls that only exist in the later versions (>=v4.5).

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