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From Pavel Novy <n...@feld.cvut.cz>
Subject Re: GNU build of Apache 2.0 for NetWare - apr fixes (2)
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2002 19:50:05 GMT
the problem is, that gettimeofday is not available on NW51 and I also 
didn't find it in any import file (using LIBC). Anyway, apache.nlm is 
not functional due to this missing symbol. If you see other way how to 
fix it, let me know.


Brad Nicholes wrote:

> Pavel,
>     I didn't check that one in because it didn't look like it was
> hurting anything by leaving it alone and I didn't want to cludder up the
> code with more #ifdef's if I don't have to.  If there is a specific
> reason to have the setup time function #ifdef'ed out then I will do it.
> thanks,
> Brad
>>>>Pavel Novy <novy@feld.cvut.cz> Wednesday, January 02, 2002 6:29:08
> AM >>>
> Brad,
> thanks for all gcc (GNU) related changes in the sources made. 
> Unfortunately, you probably missed this patch (attached). It's not as 
> complex as it should be - code for apr_unix_setup_time() shouldn't be 
> included for more platforms, not only for NetWare, I think.
> Thanks,
> Pavel
> Pavel Novy wrote:
>>Brad, here are some apr related fixes to make GNU utilities (gcc, 
>>nlmconv) on Linux and on Win32(Cygwin) and (Open)Watcom happy.
>>.../nlmstuff/bin/nlmconv.exe: warning: symbol gettimeofday imported
> but
>>not in import list

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