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From Justin Erenkrantz <jerenkra...@ebuilt.com>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0 configure.in
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2002 18:23:31 GMT
On Fri, Jan 18, 2002 at 06:16:54PM -0000, jerenkrantz@apache.org wrote:
> jerenkrantz    02/01/18 10:16:54
>   Modified:    .        configure.in
>   Log:
>   Per Ian's change, add the APRUTIL_EXPORT_INCLUDES vars to our environment.

I told Ian that I'd switch httpd-2.0 to use apu-config instead
(which is why he didn't change httpd-2.0 over).  However, I chickened
out because I'm not terribly happy with this segment in apu-config:

    if [ -f $PREFIX/lib/libexpat.la ] ; then
      TMP_SRCDIR=`echo "$TOP_SRCDIR/xml/expat" | sed 's/\\//\\\\\\//g'`
      TMP_PREFIX=`echo $PREFIX | sed 's/\\//\\\\\\//g'`
      LIBS=`echo "$LIBS" | sed "s/$TMP_SRCDIR/$TMP_PREFIX/g"`
    echo "$LIBS"

The issue is that when APR-util is *not* installed, we want to tell
libtool to use the .la in our source directory, but if we *are*
installed, we want to use the .la in our installed location.
Currently, APRUTIL_EXPORT_LIBS points to the *full* source dir path
to expat.

So, if you have a previous installation of libexpat.la in 
$prefix/lib and use apu-config, we'll link to that instead of the 
one in the source dir.  This may not be ideal.

If anyone has any ideas, they'd be appreciated.  What is there now
is a bit of a hack.  It works, but...  -- justin

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